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Identify Your Lion

To identify your lion, follow these steps:

In order to identify a lion, clear, focussed and close-up photographs are needed. Have a look at the images below to show you the types of photographs that are useful for identification.

In particular, look for images that show:

  • The whisker spots, as exact side profiles
  • Mane length and development for males
  • The nose, and if it is pink, spotted, patchy or black
  • Ears - are there any cuts or tears?
  • Unusual features



The 'How To' tab in the menu bar contains guides on how to age and identify lions, as well as a guide showing how to report your sighting. You can also follow the links below.

How To: Identify Lions

How To: Age Lions

How To: Report Sightings


Feel free to email us if you need help.

When you've chosen your images, noted your lion's main identifying features, use the left-hand search column to look for your lion. 

If you can't find your lion, study each feature carefully - only search for those you are certain about! you can try changing the search options to broaden your search, too.

If you manage to identify your lion, don't forget to report your sighting to us.

Good Luck!


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