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In this section, you can learn how to age lions, identify lions and report your sighting so that you can take part in the research.

It's easy to take part. If you have visited The Mara North Conservancy, Olare Orok, Lemek or the Masai Mara Reserve (north section) and have photographed lions, why not try to identify which lions you have seen?

Start by reading our giudes by browsing the 'How To' tab above, or by following the links below.


Identify Lions

Use this guide to learn what to look for in your photographs.

How To: Age Lions

Use this guide to learn how to age lions, and tell cubs from sub-adults and adults from older lions.

How To: Report Sightings

If you have managed to identify your lion, use this guide to submit your sighting. By filling out our report form you are helping us in vital lion monitoring research.


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