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How To Report Sightings

By filling out our report form, you can tell us about the lions you have seen within our study areas. This is particularly relevant if you have visited one of our key lodges.

1. Your Details

We need to know a bit about you. If you would like to join the mailing list, enter your email and check the box. 

Telling us the name of the lodge where you stayed will help us to confirm your sighting. For a list of participating lodges, click here.

2. Lion Details

We need to know which lion you have seen. Study your lion carefully and use the search column on the left to try and identify your lion. 

Need help? To learn how to identify lions, click here.

If you don't manage to identify your lion, please leave this blank. If we manage to identify it for you, we can let you know. Just mention this in the comments box.

Enter the age of the lion here. Chose from cub, sub-adult, adult or old adult.

Need help? To learn how to age lions, click here.

Mane Length
Did you see a male lion? If so, tell us how large his mane was. Chose from small, medium or large.

Need help? To learn about mane sizes, click here.

In order to report a sighting, you have to upload an image. This allows us to verify your sighting. Because we use the whisker spot pattern to identify lions, an ideal image is of the side of the face. To read more on how to take identification shots, you can download the guide below.

Image Date
Please enter the date of the sighting, NOT when you made the report.

Guide 1: Photographing and IDing lions (500kb)

Please keep images under 700KB, if possible. Most photo-editing programs allow you to reduce the size of your image. If you need help resizing your image, feel free to email us.

3. Sighting Details

You may have seen more than one lion together. This is very important information for us - we're tracking all lions, and we're researching pride structure, too. How many adults and cubs did you see together at once? (Please don't count separate sightings as one throughout your safari).

If you're a whizz at IDing lions and would like to tell us about more than one sighting, you can fill out the form again.

Where did you see the lion? Remember, we want to know in which conservancy you saw the lion, not where your lodge was where you stayed. You can browse our conservancies here.

Our guides use local place names to find out where they are and report sightings. If you've read this site in advance, remember to ask your guide for the location.

KNOW THE GPS? Brilliant! Write the co-ordinates in the 'Sighting notes/comments' box.

Sighting Notes/Comments
Is there anything else you'd like to tell us? Some useful notes could be:

  • If any lions were mating
  • If you know which cubs belonged to which mother
  • Any interesting behaviour
  • If you identified a number of lions but only wish to report a single sighting, you can tell us their names here.


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