Living with Lions

Can you help us with any of the following items which will help our work?

  • Mobile phones
    for use by Lion Guardians. Must be for use in Europe, the UK and Africa (GSM 900MHz/1800MHz frequency) and must have the capacity to take a SIM card and be used in a foreign country.

  • Laptops
    PC (Windows). At least 2.16 GHz processing speed, with 2.00GHz of RAM, wireless A, B or G connectivity, DVD read/write drive.

  • Waterproof backpacks
    for the Lion Guardians to carry their equipment.

  • GPS units

  • Digital cameras
    for the Lion Guardians to document their work.

  • Waterproof jackets
    so the Lion Guardians can continue their work throughout the rainy season.

  • Receivers and aerials
    for tracking collared lions. Please contact us for specifications.

  • GPS collars
    to enable LWL to monitor lions more effectively. Please contact us for specifications.

  • Tracksticks
    Super Tracksticks for analyzing Lion Guardians data collection.

  • Solar panels and solar charging equipment
    There is no other source of power in the bush.

Please email for details if you can spare any of these items.

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