Living with Lions

There is no simple solution to the problem of lion conservation, but Living with Lions (LWL) are working to find the best practical approaches to conserve the remaining populations of lions in unprotected parts of Kenya, approaches which are equally applicable in similar areas across Africa.

The Laikipia Predator Project and the Kilimanjaro Lion Conservation Project carry out scientific research on the behaviour, ecology and populations of lions in human-dominated environments.

The Mara Predator Project monitors lion numbers in the communal lands north of the Masai Mara National Reserve using an online database of individual lions of sightings contributed by visitors to the many lodges in the region.

The Lion Guardians program is a highly effective initiative developed by LWL that employs Maasai warriors to monitor lions and other carnivores, help their communities reduce conflict with predators and dissuade other warriors from killing lions.

LWL project sites
Map of Kenya, showing the location of LWL projects

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