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Lions - Bibi

Date of Birth:  July 1998

Bibi is one of the corner stone females of the Marsh Pride. 'Bibi' means 'Grandmother' in Swahili. She is very distinctive - her ears are very tattered, and she is missing her tail tuft. She is a large, bulky lioness, with a light coat. She can be often found with her pridemates White Eye, Charm, Siena and Joy within Musiara Marsh. Bibi is an old lioness and has raised many cubs - she doesn't tolerate bad behaviour, and is the first to tell off the youngsters!


Name: Bibi
Gender: Female
Age: Old Adult
Ear Tears: Both Ears
Nose Colour: Patchy
Mane Size:
ID Features: Small or Missing Tail Tuft
Pride Group: Marsh
Conservancy: Masai Mara Reserve

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