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Mara Naboisho

Mara Naboisho Conservancy is one of the Masai Mara's newest conservnacies. Naboisho means 'coming together', and represents the joining of over 500 Maasai landowners in a 15 year lease to protect the land and wildlife with equal support from the community and tourism partners. Mara Naboisho encompasses over 20,000 hectares and hosts seven establishments. 

The area now forming Mara Naboisho Conservancy was once disregarded as wasteland, but its value as a wildlife area is clear. The conervancy has a large giraffe population and plays host to the annual willdebeest migration alongside its neighbouring conservancies.

Mara Naboisho partners support and run a number of community and conservation initiatives. Basecamp Foundation has provided a third of the costs to sustain Kasaine Sankan as the Mara Predator Project, and African Impact encourage their volunteers to partake in rigorous monitoring. 

Mara Naboisho's lion population is large, and there still remains some unknown individuals. The Enesikiria Pride are one of the largest, and the Eloonera Pride are also seen often. 

Whilst these prides are found within protected tourism regions, and the conservancy is mostly cattle free, conflict still exists in hilly areas and where community settlements stil stand. The Pardamat Pride have lost several members to conflict, and their future is unknown. The Mara Naboisho Lion Project will be collaring individuals from this pride so that their movements can be tracked, and insights gained towards their future protection. 

Although we are not sure of the total number of lions in this conservancy, the Enoolera and Enesikiria Prides contain around 30 adults and sub-adults. The total number of lions may be upwards of 50 individuals.

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