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River Pride

The River Pride have been followed since 2008 by the Mara Predator Project. In 2008 and 2009 the main pride used to reside from Moses Rock up to Maternity. The pride is now smaller and increasingly hard to monitor as they spend more time on the Siria Escarpment, which does not have vehicle access.


Last Update: June 2011

Pride Size: 12-18, including cubs

Known Individuals: 

1              Old Adult Female(s)
Old Adult Males(s) 
2              Adult Female(s)
Adult Males(s)
Subadult Females(s) 
             Subadult Males(s) 
3              Cubs(s) 


Three pride lionesses, Asali, Mandisa and Tailend, have not been seen since 2009. It is not known if they are permanently resident on the Siria Escarpment, or have been killed. At least one other lioness and five cubs were known to visit Moses Rock on occasion. 

Three young males, two of which were thought to be Kioni's sons, were last seen early 2010 separated from the pride, and with the sub-adults from the Cheli and Peacock Pride.

Kioni has been with the pride since 2001, and is thought to be the mother of at least three generations of lionesses. 


The River Pride have come into conflict on occasion with communities on the top of the escarpment. We know of one male lion that has been killed; there may be more. 

Kioni has been seen with cubs of numerous ages, sone of which must have belonged to other lionesses. This suggests that the pride has been divided. 

The original three males from the River Pride, Ajani, Shambe and Samir, are residing with the Cheli & Peacock Pride as of 2012, and are believed to be the fathers of their eight cubs. Their acceptance of the River Pride cubs suggests that they have also fathered cubs from both prides.

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