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Nguro Pride

The Nguro Pride is formed simply of two lionesses, Nguro and her companion Mama Kali. For several years, the two lionesses have been without a main pride, and have struggled to raise cubs. They are pincered between the Ridge and Moniko Prides, and are often caught up in battles with other lions. 


Last Update: February 2012

Pride Size: 2, including cubs

Known Individuals: 

0              Old Adult Female(s)
Old Adult Males(s) 
2              Adult Female(s)
Adult Males(s)
Subadult Females(s) 
             Subadult Males(s) 
0              Cubs(s) 


The two lionesses forming the Nguro Pride - Nguro and Mama Kali - have always been pressured by neighbouring prides, who are larger and able to claim overlapping territory. As a result, this small pride has been unable to raise cubs successfully and grow.

In the past three years, the pair have lost three litters of cubs. In December 2010, Mama Kali had her cubs killed at a young age by the Ridge Pride males. The last litter of three cubs was thought to have been fathered by the Ridge Pride males, and were raised to four months. However, in October 2011, the Moniko Pride males and females killed them, injuring both lionesses in the process.


With such strong competition on all sides, and considering their past troubles, it seems unlikely that this small pride will be able to grow successfully. However, if they are able to attract a male unattached to another pride, it may be possible for them to raise cubs to independence. 

The pride continue to have a very fluid and temporary range. Their movements are controlled largely by thier competition and not by food availablility. 

Despite this, Nguro and Mama Kali are both strong, healthy females. 

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