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Enoolera Pride

The Enoolera Pride is one of the two major prides in Mara Naboisho Conservancy, and occupies the northern central area of the conservancy. Most of the pride members are quite young, including the three pride males.


Last Update: February 2012

Pride Size: 10-15, including cubs

Known Individuals: 

1              Old Adult Female(s)
Old Adult Males(s) 
4              Adult Female(s)
Adult Males(s)
Subadult Females(s) 
             Subadult Males(s) 
0              Cubs(s) 


We do not know too much about the history of the Enoolera Pride, as Mara Naboisho Conservancy has been recently established. 

The pride does have a number of core females, but is not as big as the neighbouring Enesikiria Pride. The large range of the latter pride may put pressure on the Enoolera lions, reducing their home range and the number of lions that could be supported. 

The three current males - Simiren, Leshaan and Osidai - took over from the old male Tagolie in 2011. Despite their immaturity, they have strength in numbers.


The Eloonera Pride is relatively stable, despite occasional pressure from the Enesikiria Pride. There are five mature females, and with the support from the three males, the pride could quickly become large. The health and age of Simiren, Leshaan and Osidai should secure their future, and that of their cubs, for several years to come. 

The northern range of the pride does mean that they are at risk from encountering communities and conflict. However, despite some major incidents in Mara Naboisho Conservancy, the Enoolera Pride has not been involved. We do not yet know the full range of this pride, as they move out of their known location when the Enesikiria Pride move north.

We are confident that we know most of this pride, however, one young female, Nadukenya, remains elusive.

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