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Enesikiria Pride

The Enesikiria Pride is the best known of the four prides seen in Mara Naboisho Conservancy. They are also known as the 'KGS Pride' after the Koiyaki Guiding School where they are sometimes seen. The pride is large with a significant number of subadults, successfully raised by several core females. The pride has three impressive adult males.


Last Update: February 2012

Pride Size: 30, including cubs

Known Individuals: 

3              Old Adult Female(s)
Old Adult Males(s) 
3              Adult Female(s)
Adult Males(s)
Subadult Females(s) 
             Subadult Males(s) 
11              Cubs(s) 


Mara Naboisho Conservancy is a relatively new conservation area, and so we know relatively little of the Enesikiria Pride's history.

The pride contains a number of old adult females - Sero, Dada and Mickey - and so it is likely that the pride has been successful for some time. 


There are at least four generations of females in the Enesikiria Pride, which is indicative of a healthy, stable pride. The adult females have successfully raised ten sub-adults.

The three males, Saruni, Saitoti and Sadala are around seven years of age, and in their prime. It seems unlikely that they will be challenged in the near future, and so the current litters (February 2012) belonging to Sero, Mickey, Tikki and Esiriwua are safe from infanticide.

Six of the subadults are males, and they will soon reach maturity. Collectively known as the Libyans, they are becoming increasingly independant from the main pride, often with their sister Enadalut. It is likely that they will soon leave the area and become a strong coalition. 

The pride holds a strong central range sufficiently distant from large communities and settlements. Whilst the pride is subjected to influxes of cattle on some occasions, there have not been any major cases of conflict.

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